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  1. Based on the health history and physical examination findings, determine at least two health

education needs for the individual. Remember, you may identify an educational topic that is

focused on wellness.

  1. Select two peer-reviewed journal articles that provide evidence-based support for the health

teaching needs you have identified.

this is health history

The patient has recurrent hemorrhoids from long periods of sitting and also standing. Could encourage patient, and talk about how it is beneficial to not stand for too long or to sit for too long, and taking breaks here and it is helpful for proper circulation. Also, long hours of sitting or standing can increase risks for peripheral vascular problems Patient smokes- could find articles over why it is beneficial to quit and also the risks of long-term smoking. I think it can be helpful to talk about the benefits because it sounds more encouraging in some ways. The patient started a farm so he is outside a lot and never wears sunscreen lol that could be another health promotion as well. During the health history part, the patient stated they do not perform testicular exams where you self-examine yourself for any abnormalities, and so that could be another need, that the patient has never been taught how to, and why that it is important. The patient does not get annual physical exams and this could be another need. He hasn’t gotten his blood work or anything for a while so I think that could be another need as well, promoting the importance to get regular check-ups

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