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There is a new viral pandemic in the US. There is a high degree of infection and the hospitalization rate is 40% for the elderly and those with compromised immune systems. Hospitalization rates for other adults is around 20%. The death rate for both populations is 20%.

There is one vaccine cleared for emergency use for adults 18 years of age and older. There is no vaccine for children/minors. The virus is air-borne and all masking mandates have been implemented and public buildings/restaurants, etc. are closed to unvaccinated individuals. There is only enough vaccine initially to inoculate 50% of the adult population. Determine an appropriate method for distributing the available vaccine supply. Additional vaccine for the remaining 50% of the adult population is expected to be available in 6-12 months.

Base your analysis using one of the following five theories and explain your rationale: Utilitarianism, Rights-based, Duty-based, Justice-based and Virtue-based. The chosen theory should include brief discussion of vaccine distribution rational.

Use the Three-step Ethics Model to analyze the method chosen.

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