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determine for yourself whether you believe Nike workers in other countries are better off because NIKE is there and provides jobs, RESEARCH and answer THREE of the following questions (6 points each). You must support your answers with RESEARCH and URLs/Sites for that research. I’m looking for at least 6 sentences of discussion and no less than 2 cites per each bulleted question you answer.
You must go beyond the clips and information I provided:
• What is the cost living in the worker’s country and how do the wages compare with average earnings?
• Do the workers have to do this work? Why/why not?
• Does having the US company there have a chilling impact on other home-grown industries?
• How corrupt is the government there?
• What is the life of a worker like since the US company came to the worker’s country?
• What do local people say about the company?
• What benefits does the US company bring to the local community?

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