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Literature review report: 1. It must include minimum 30 references. 20 of them must be dated later then 2015.
2. The margins of the pages should be set to 4 cm at the top, 3.5 cm on the left, 3 cm on the right, and 2.5 cm
at the bottom. 3. The Times New Roman font size should be used (12 font size). 4. Alignment: Create equal
margins using “Justify Alignment” 5. Line spacing: Use 1.5 line spacing. 6. Search for relevant literature 7.
Evaluate sources 8. Identify themes, debates and gaps 9. Outline the structure 10. Write your literature review
11. Introduction 12.conceptual framework 13. theoretical literature 14. Empirical literature 15. summary 16.
conclusion 17. references 18. Summaries in PPT


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