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You are the group of Nurse Practitioners working at AGM Primary Care Medical Center. Develop the presentation of the Case Study as follows:

  1. Discussion of assigned medical condition:

a) Description

1) Pathophysiology

2) Etiology

b) Clinical Manifestations

1) Red Flags

  1. Case Study

a) Create a hypothetical case of a patient who comes to your consultation and whose final diagnosis is assigned.

b) History Data and Physical Examination

  1. Case analysis – Diagnostic Framework

a) Apply the VINDICATE mnemonic as applicable. Explain what the relationship of the conditions is selected in the mnemonic with the diagnosis of the case.

  1. Analysis of the case – Differential Diagnoses

a) Make the list of 5 differential diagnoses

1) In order of priority

2) Include clinical diagnosis of the case (previously assigned) on the list

  1. Case analysis – Diagnostic Tests

a) Create a table, following the example described below, with the diagnostic test(s) that you would order to your patient in order to make the “Rule Out” of the differential diagnoses.

b) Include diagnostic tests in blood, and imaging studies, as applicable.

c) Explain what findings you are looking for with each test.

d) Describe the results obtained by your patient (hypothetical)

e) Be prepared to discuss the importance or relevance of the diagnostic tests you ordered.

Differential Diagnosis (Prioritize)

Diagnostic Tests


Findings expected with the diagnostic test

Patient results (hypothetical)

Analysis or Conclusion

  1. Assigned Diagnosis
  2. ¿?
  3. ¿?
  4. ¿?
  5. ¿?
  6. Complete the SOAP NOTE in all its parts with the information from your case study.
  7. Prepare the case study in a Power Point presentation. Pay attention to the amount of information on the slides (do not overload them). Pay attention to the size of the font.
  8. Close your presentation with a conclusion or final analysis and the references used.
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