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Case Study, Chapter 11, Nutrition Strategies for Power, Endurance, and Combined Power/Endurance Sports
Jamie is a member of the USA men’s hockey team. He has made vast improvements in the last year in his
strength and conditioning regimen, and he’s seen how his hard work has paid off in his performance. He thinks
that his diet could give him even more of a boost in his performance, and he’s got a lot of questions. He is now
working with the team dietitian to improve his nutritional intake before, during, and after competition. He has
started making small changes in his diet and has seen improvements in his performance and feels much
better, so he’s motivated to continue making positive changes. He isn’t sure about his next steps and has a few
1. Describe Jamie’s reliance on different energy systems during hockey games.
2. Are there any specific nutrition strategies Jamie can implement during the game?
3. What should be the focus of Jamie’s post-competition nutrition strategy?
Case Study, Chapter 13, Dietary Supplements, Foods, and Ergogenic Aids Intended to Improve Performance:
Myths and Realities
Sarah has been working for a starting spot on her basketball team. She has put in more hours training than
anyone on the team. Despite her efforts, she cannot seem to break through to the starting lineup. She’s getting
desperate to make the cut. She decided to go to a local supplement store and find out about the different
supplements that are available for her. She talked to the store clerk to describe what she was looking for and
the benefits she wanted from the supplement. He gave her a list of supplements that he guaranteed would help
her. She decided to go with branched chain amino acids and started taking them the next day.
1. Name the branched chain amino acids. Name a food high in concentration of BCAAs.
2. Sarah tested positive in a drug test for banned substances. She checked the food label before taking the
supplement, so how could this happen?
3. Summarize the scientific evidence of this supplement.



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