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-Observing and noting the experience of altering perception in a controlled setting- going an entire day deafened (write as if you did this), you can make up the thoughts or feelings you had just as long as they make sense. Make up a hypothesis

  1. Introduction= An explanation of the principle you are investigating (going deafened for a day) the culminates in your hypothesis
  2. Methods = an explanation of all the procedures you used to develop your study. It should be clear enough that someone else could read this section and replicate your study without any other information
  3. Results= an explanation of what you found in the course of your study
  4. Conclusion= a contextualization of how your results matter in the bigger picture. What did we learn, and what sort of things do we still need to figure out. This section should mention any limitations in the design of your study and offer possible future directions that research might follow in answering questions that your design couldn’t answer.
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