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READ THE PROBLEM SOLVING CASE “Billing Department Supervisor Gets a Handle on Open-Door Policy”AT THE END OF CHAPTER 10 IN THE TEXTBOOKQuestions-1.What strategies for communicating effectively does Jeannie use? What other strategies would help her communicate more effectively?2.Discuss whether you think Jeannie is communicating adequately in all directions and whether she is effectively using both formal and informal communication. How could she improve?3.How could Jeannie apply modern technology to help her manage communication with employees?Read the PROBLEM SOLVING Case “Suspensions of a Sports caster” AT THE END OF CHAPTER 12IN THE TEXT BOOK Questions –1.Was it appropriate for the station to suspend Giang recofor expressing his personal opinion on his Twitter feed? Why or why not?2.If you had to make the decision about whether to discipline Giang reco and how, with whom would you consult? What would you ask?3.Does this incident provide an example of effective discipline as described here? Can you suggest a way WLS-7 could add to the effectiveness of the discipline in this situation? Do you think the desire to set an example for other broadcasters and members of the press should have any weight in the station’s response to actions like Giangreco’s?

Read the PROBLEM SOLVING Case “National Conflict Resolution Center Helps Find Win-Win solutions” AT THE END OF CHAPTER 14IN THE TEXTBOOKQuestions –1.Based on this description of mediators, what kinds of supervisory skills are needed for mediating a conflict? Consider the various skills described in Chapter 1 through 14.2.When might a supervisor benefit from using trained mediators, such as NCRC mediators, rather than mediating a conflict him-or her-self? Why would the experts be important in these situations?3.Suppose you are a supervisor of TSA screeners in an airport. You notice that a passenger is visibly upset about having her carry-on bag inspected. As you step near the table where the inspection is taking place, you hear her say, “You’re going to make me miss my flight.” Would you get involved in the situation? If so, how? What, if any, mediation skills from NCRC might help you?Readthe PROBLEM SOLVING Case “Training Employees for Emergency Response”AT THE END OF CHAPTER 16IN THE TEXTBOOKQuestions –1.Suppose you have been asked to set up an emergency response plan for a company whose manufacturing processes require the safe handling of carbon dioxide. The purpose of the plan is to ensure employees know what to do if this deadly gas were to be accidentally released in the plant. Review the types of on-the-job training discussed in this chapter and identify the one (or ones) you would use. Explain your choice.2.Prepare a training plan for the employees. Will you train them all at once or in groups? Why?3.Would you recommend the company schedule regular retraining in the emergency response plan? If so, how often and why? What form would the retraining take?





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