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Step-by-step instructions

Step 1: Identify a Failed Collaboration with Significant Issues/Stakes

Identify a specific case of collaboration failure for an in-depth analysis. The case may be from published materials (e.g., books, magazines, and newspapers) or from the company that you have worked for. This case should involve significant issues and important stakes for the company involved. For example, the case could be about:

failed mergers and acquisitions

failed joint venture

companies’ unsuccessful collaboration/interaction with external stakeholder groups (e.g., local community, consumers, media, government, or business partners) – NOT INDIVIDULE LEVEL COLLABORATION

Step 2: Analyze the Case of a Failed Collaboration

This case should be analyzed by the concepts, models, and theories presented in the textbook, assigned readings, and lectures. Like a literature review.

Step 3: Prepare a Report of the Case of a Failed Collaboration

The following format should be followed:

Briefly describe the background of the case.

Apply the relevant OB concepts and theories to identify and explain the issues/problems that triggered the failure of the collaboration. Provide a diagnosis of the causes of these issues/problems.

Suggest how the issues/problems can be handled in a more effective way. Provide explanations and justifications for your recommendations.

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