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Parabolas are found all around us in the real world.
Write a research paper on 2 examples of what parabolas you may see in the real world. Each example should
be something you would likely encounter in your life. Include a diagram of each example.
An example given in class was objects that are falling after being thrown. When objects fall, they fall in the
shape of a parabola; it could be a ball, water from a water fountain, and pretty much any object if we ignore
wind resistance. This is useful in that we can predict the path an object will take when thrown.
This is a good example because everyone has seen an object fall so they encounter it in their lives. It is a
verifiable true parabola if you do the research. And a picture of this example should be easy to find.
You may not use the example above, but find 2 examples to write about form your research.
The paper must be in APA format.
Point distribution:
40% per example (total 80%)
Based on:
Is the example really a parabola? Do your research!
Questions you may try answering:
What is special about the parabola in your example?
What purpose does the parabola serve?
How does it help your example function?
If applicable, why is the parabola the best shape for your example?
Where do you run into this example in your life?
Did you include a diagram?
20% Proper research paper
Based on:
Is it in APA format?
Are most of the words yours?
Did you quote your sources?
All elements of a research paper present? (such as cover page, quotes, and works cited)


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