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Compose a written philosophical paper that reflects personal beliefs about the nature of human behavior, the basic tenets of human needs, and the principles and approaches of Adlerian and Family Systems theories that address such behaviors and needs from the point of view of someone planning to work in human resources (focus on organizational management rather than therapist/counselor relationship). Client point of view would be employee’s point of view or management’s point of view as appropriate since I plan to work in organizational psychology.

Include your beliefs about these approaches in organizational management and human resources, personal strengths you bring to counseling, and ethical guidelines you will consider important to adhere to.

Paper should include 4-5 pages of content (APA formatting – correctly placed page numbers (upper right), headings (bolded), double spaced, size 12” font), a cover page, and a reference page.

The topics can serve as section headings to keep the paper organized.

No abstract is necessary.

Nature of Human Behavior
● What is your theoretical orientation?
● What do you believe human behavior is the result of?
● Is behavior deterministic or anti-deterministic?

Human Needs
● What do people need to live a fulfilled life?
● What do people need to change?
● What do people need to be mentally healthy?
● What do people need when they are in crisis?

Principles, Approaches, Key Concepts and Techniques
● What are the basic principles, approaches, and key concepts of the theory and how do they apply to your idea of human needs and behaviors?
● Which techniques from the theory (at least 3) could you use to address these needs?

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