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Physican assisted suicide

Proposition Statement: Genetic discrimination should be stopped because it discourages individuals from seeking preventive medical treatments.

I.                    Story about 19-year-old woman who had tests run. Her doctors discovered a genetic predisposition for breast cancer. Her doctor’s advice? Never be without group insurance.

II.                Statement of topic

III.              Credibility

IV.              Preview


NEED (what is the problem or what need do we have):

I.  First, genetic discrimination is placing individuals at risk. (claim)

A.  Explanation of genetic discrimination (evidence)

B.  Problems associated with genetic discrimination (evidence)

C.  Consequences of not getting tested (proof)

Transition: Now that we understand why genetic discrimination is such a dangerous practice, let.s look at what can be done about the problem.

SATISFACTION;what is the solution you are proposing for the problem you just discussed):

II.  Next, we need to support federal legislation for genetic privacy (claim)

A.  Explanation of proposed legislation (evidence)

B.  Explanation of what audience should do (evidence)

Transition: Many might wonder if this legislation can really make a difference. Let?s spend a few minutes looking at what can happen.

III.  Finally, with genetic privacy protections individuals can seek testing and preventative treatments that will save their lives. (proof)

A.  Example of person that benefited from genetic testing.

B.  Statistics about medical conditions that could be controlled eliminated through routine genetic testing.

II.                Call your representatives and tell them your support genetic privacy. Convince at least one other person to do the sam

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