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Kaiser Permanente is looking to enter into the preventative care space to help their patient base increase physical activity and improve on healthy habits. While the overall goal is improved patient satisfaction and well being, the specific financial goal is reduced cost by emphasizing improved health prior to any adverse conditions developing. Overall, KP wants to decrease spending on conditions such as type 2 diabetes.
Your team is tasked with researching the potential costs, features and benefits of a mobile application that communicates with KP patients and helps them improve on healthy habits.



  • Initial Focus
  • Opportunity
  • Proposal
  • ROI
  • Measurement
  • Competitors
  • Advantages
  • Roadmap and Vision:

Business Case:

Initial Focus
Identify problems to solve by creating a compelling story using evidence and metrics
clearly articulated what that pain is

  • Included specific metrics to back up your claim
  • Included potential cause(s)
  • Included a call to action that would resonate with stakeholders

Calculate the total addressable market (TAM) for your product

quantified the size of the opportunity? It can’t be something as all-encompassing as “the market for diabetes treatment is $300B”.

What piece of this market are you approaching? How big is it? Why only this piece? TAM (Total Addressable Market) should usually be counted in billions. Anything with a B in front of it is probably a good TAM. That said, your focus area will have a return significantly lower than the total TAM.
Use links and sources where possible. This doesn’t need to be comprehensively footnoted, but quotes and numbers are always more believable when the source is mentioned

Define product use cases and target user(s)
State what you want to build. Give brief details at a high level of functionality, just enough for readers to understand the proposal
Have you outlined a clear solution to that problem? Will a reader or viewer understand what you’re proposing to build? It can’t be something vague like “I will build a marketplace!” It has to be specific. What kind of marketplace? What does it do? How is it special? What audience does it address?

Calculate the return on investment
What do you think this will cost? What do you think this will produce in terms of revenue or cost savings? What is the return on investment?
You don’t need to provide an extremely detailed business case here, that’s usually provided as supporting material. Detailed spreadsheets are often too brittle because they rely on numerous assumptions, any one of which being wrong will throw the entire ROI calculation off. Think simple calculations instead. X months of development * 10k each / some simple measure of return.

Define success metrics
How will you measure the success of your idea? What is the goal for the first year?


Compare the features of competitor products/solutions

Outline at least two competitors. Remember that these don’t need to be exact competitors but might be companies in the same general field. For example, YouTube competitors might be Amazon Video but they may also be traditional TV networks. You may want to highlight a category of competitors instead of a specific one (e.g. Traditional TV networks as opposed to NBC)
For each competitor give a brief overview of at least 4 features. Provide enough so that the audience can understand their offering.

Define product positioning and opportunity in the market.
Then follow this up with a slide outlining why your product is better. This slide should answer the question of “why us?” Why should a buyer choose your product as opposed to one of the competitors?
Remember that the best competitive advantages are ones that are hard for competitors to match. For example, network effects, unique business partnerships, and unique content are hard for competitors to match. Pricing is not.

Roadmap and Vision:

Define and craft compelling vision and strategy

What is your vision?
Is there a strategy behind the roadmap or is it simply a list of follow up items? A strategy means a goal. Provide at least 2 themes corresponding to the future strategy of the product.
For example, your strategy might be “expand into other geographical markets by investing in UI translations and regional specific features”.

Build a roadmap around the identified strategic areas

For each strategic theme, provide two or three features that you want to develop for this theme along with a brief explanation on each.
The list of features on the roadmap should flow from your vision and strategies.

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