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Using the Full 4-14 LPCL-NJAC Reference Handbook.pdf answer the questions in the attached word
All documents are attached
1. As an emergency manager, you would like to award a contract for a $15,000 upgrades to your emergency
alerting system.
a. As per 40A:11-3, does this require you to publicly advertise for bids? Explain your answer.
b. In 40A:11-3 define the contracting agent and the purchasing agent
2. As an emergency manager, you have a project that will go over the $17,500 threshold that must be
advertised and go out to bid. As per 40A:11-4, subsection a, what is required to award the contract and to
which bidder?
3. Your town has been hit by a disaster, and you have declared a local state of emergency, requiring you to hire
a company for $30,000 for debris removal. Yu have issued the award without going out to bid. As per 40A:11-6,
were you permitted to do so? Please explain your answer completely.
4. As per 40A:11-9, who may serve as the contracting unit’s agent?
5. A project, costing 45K, must go out to bid. As per 40A:11-23, subsection a and b, what is required of me to




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