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Writer will write the research paper on 5000 words, writer will not consider words of references in 5000 words of research paper. I belong to Pakistan. I have no any topic about research paper. I need to finalize research paper topic with the help of expert writer. First I need to discuss with writer about research paper and need to know that writer how to work on research paper and writer which kind of topic will be choose? I have no any data and research proposal. Writer will arrange the data through own resource. Writer will must use at least 60 latest articles as a references for preparation of research paper. Writer will make innovative graphs and tables for research paper. Writer will write the research paper in excellent English wording. When writer will complete the research paper then writer must provide the all final files of data related to research paper. Writer must download the all articles of references and provide to me with research paper. Writer also make the EndNote library of all references papers and provide EndNote library with research paper. Writer also provide plagiarism report of research paper. Means Writer provide each and everything related to Paper because I need to protect our self so I need security related to paper. If I need revision of research paper then writer must revise the research paper without any cost at any time. When I will submit the in any SSCI or SCI journal and journal suggest for revision of research paper then writer will also revise the research paper according to journal suggestion without any cost.

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