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choose a publicly-traded company that you are interested in learning more about. (The company chosen is Intel Corporation which is pre-approved by the professor)
In 4-5 written pages (minimum), please respond to the following scenario:
Assume that you are an employee in Intel Corporation, and your supervisor asks that you prepare a condensed operations management manual that can be used to better analyze the company’s operations. In addition to communicating and sharing key operations management concepts in this short-written report, your supervisor also wants you to discuss some items below using real-life data from the company’s public financial reports.
Please answer the below questions:
(a) Explain the overall goals of operations management.
(b) Explain the lean operations approach and how it can be used in Intel company’s current production of its goods or services.
(c) Discuss key concepts surrounding how to manage, control, and measure ‘quality’ within Intel Corporation.
(d) Considering Intel’s impact on society, discuss why ethics and social responsibility are important in operations management.

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