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Problem 1:
Choose a publicly traded company from the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX).
Provide the following information of your chosen company and what is the product or service
the company produce? 02 Marks
Company Name:
Stock Ticker Symbol:
Stock Information:
Most recent price
Market capitalization
Daily volume
Number of ordinary
securities published
on ASX
Most recent dividend
Annual dividend yield
P/E ratio
Company Description:
How to answer this question?
Choose a company from the link bellow.
Click on the Key statistics and note down as required in question 1.
Problem 2:
Find the beta of the stock from January 2017 till March 2022 (download weekly price
information) from the yahoo finance and write a summary of your analysis indicating the stock
price trend during the analysis period.
08 Marks
How to answer this question?
Steps in downloading stock price from https://au.finance.yahoo.com/
a. Type the name of your chosen company in yahoo finance search option
b. Click on the historical data
c. Choose time for 5 years data (for example 1 January 2017 – 31 March 2022) period.
d. Show: historical price, Frequency: Weekly
e. Download the excel spread sheet and save it.
f. Keep date and Adj closing price columns and delete open, high, low and volume
g. Now go back to yahoo finance home page and click on the ASX 200 stock index. Then
click on the historical data and collect data for the same for the stated periods (weekly
data) for the ASX 200 index.
h. Download the ASX 200 index data and only choose Adj closing price. Copy Adj closing
price and past it next to your chosen company’s stock price. Follow the above two
videos to collect data for your chosen company and ASX 200 index.
i. Now arrange the data in 3 columns in you excel file. Column 1 (date), column 2 (your
chosen company’s adjusted closing price, ASX200 adjusted closing price. Now select
the data in 3 columns and click data icon in you excel sheet and then click Z to A
arrow sign to arrange data from 2022 to 2017 period.
j. Now compute returns (returnt = (Pt – Pt-1)/Pt-1 ) of the chosen stock and ASX 200
index for the stated (weekly data) period.
Your chosen company
(1 January 2017 – 31
March 2022)
ASX 200
(1 January 2017 –
31 March 2022)
Return (most
recent period)
Mean (average
*Slope (Beta)
*Slope = covariance (returns of X company, returns of ASX 200)/ variance of ASX
returns. You can either type (=slope (return of X, Returns of ASX 200) in excel or the
above slope formula.
J. Now calculate beta by regressing the share’s returns on the returns to the index
chosen. Report both excel results and regression result with beta. Your calculated slope
and beta will be exactly the same. Copy the regression table from the excel sheet and
paste it on your assignment word file. For regression analysis, you have to use the
analysis tool pack available in excel.
Problem 3:
Now calculate the information required in Problem 2 to check the impact of COVID 19 on your
chosen company from 1st March 2020 to August 2021 period and discuss the changes during
the COVID 19 period only. 04 Marks
How to answer this question?
Repeat the procedure of problem 2 for the COVID 19 period (from 1st March 2020 to March
2022 period) only and then explain your analysis. You may compare the beta calculated in
problem 3 with the beta of COVID 19 period. You may also include the company specific factors
(sales, export, production, supply chain etc) that has been impacted by COVID 19 and their
related impact on stock price performance. Try to enrich your answer with related factors you
think has had an impact on stock.
Problem 4:
Collect the 5 years period dividends information of the company from the yahoo finance
Calculate dividends growth rate and the return on share investment. 05 Marks
Dividends Growth Rates {(D1 – D0)/D0} Annual rate of return using Gordon Model
(P0 = D1/r-g)
2022 (D6)
2021 (D5)
2020 (D4)
2019 (D3)
2018 (D2)
2017 (D1)
2016 (D0)
For stock price information (P0) check yahoo finance. You can do this section along with
question number 2
Problem 5:
Now visualize the analyses you did in solving problem 2, 3 and 4 in graphs and charts by using
Microsoft power BI software.

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