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Reflection is a valuable endeavor that will help you relate academic concepts to the experiential and service
learning components of this capstone course. Thus, you are responsible for writing a short reflection paper in
which you reflect on yourself, why you are pursuing a degree in Criminal Justice and what you aspire to do with
it. In your paper, you should:
Share details about yourself and your life experiences to date which have impacted your decision to pursue the
path you are focusing on.
Reiterate your first choice of job or type of job after graduation. This is also a process of elimination – share
some career paths you have eliminated as possible paths for you and why.
Indicate why you are qualified and suited for that job (i.e. – in the context of concisely explaining to a
prospective employer why they should hire you).
Explain where you intend to be in five years and what your longer-term plans are.
This paper should be written first person and be at least 3 full pages, 12-point font, Times New Roman, 1-inch
Things you should know about me I would like to become a parole officer and also open up my on bail bonds
When I was growing up I want to be a police officer and also a Lawyer

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