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Paper details
This assignment is designed to provide an opportunity for you to reflect on your project, to evaluate the parts of
the project that went well and those aspects that were less effective, to describe what you learned by working
on the project, and to determine how you applied knowledge and skills. In preparing your report, you should
consider the following:
Self-reflection & Analysis:
What personal strengths and opportunities for improvement did you identify?
Project Evaluation
1. What noteworthy successes occurred during your project?
* What were the contributing factors and what was your key learning?
2. What noteworthy challenges occurred during the project?
* What were the contributing factors and what was your key learning?
Project Learning
Role of Project Management/Organization Communications in organizations
1. How has working on this project either challenged or supported your previous views of the role of project
management or organization communications?
2. What has been your key learning?
3. What project management/organization communication and other skills did you practice, learn about and
develop throughout this project?
4. What new questions and new ideas about project management/organization communication have you
5. What developmental goals are important for you now?
6. What actions do you plan to take to continue your development throughout the master’s program and
Importance of Research/Course work – Informed Action
1. What literature was relevant to understanding the needs of the organization and your choice of intervention
3. What were the key master’s program content (models, concepts, tools) that were critical for the preparation
and success of your project?
4. What additional areas would you like to have known more about prior to beginning the project?




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