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Imagine you are the manager of the medical records team for a regional managed health care organization with 40 locations across the state. Your department handles the medical records for all locations. Your team receives requests from patients, attorneys, insurance companies, and internal and external clinicians. Your leader, the director of medical records and billing, would like to know how effective your team’s relationships with its customers is.

Due Thursday:
Post a substantive response that addresses each of the following components (minimum 175 words):

How would you find out how the customers feel about your team’s work?
Would the way you measure consumer relations depend on the type of customer? Consider whether you think the way you measure customer satisfaction of internal customers, such as clinicians and other employees, should be different than external customers, such as patients, insurance companies, attorneys, and clinicians at other health care organizations.
What things do you think would be most important to measure to show effective consumer relations? Some important metrics might be how quickly an issue was resolved, how knowledgeable or friendly the records specialist the customer interacted with is, how accurate the information received was, or how satisfied the customer is with the service they received.
Why are effective consumer relations important in health care? How might consumer relations matter to you in your current health care job or a future health care job?

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