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IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS Please watch the film and utilize the PDF textbook (Chapters 1-5) to answer the prompt below. Please make sure to answer ALL the questions on the prompt. 550 words, not including reference page.

Film link: https://www.raphaeltreza.com/movies/borneo-death-blow-full-documentary

Textbook: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1vEYTbUEGlW4f91QdAW5gfjYpk394TKM2/view?usp=sharing
Please use two terms from any of the chapters (1-5), whatever terms correlate with the film.

Using at least TWO (2) references to the film and TWO (2) terms from the reading so far (Lenkeit and/or Harris / Chapters 1-5), write a thoughtful essay on the relationship of nature and culture. Which comes first? How are they connected? How are each transmitted?

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