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In 1997, Quentin Tarantino set out to adapt RUM PUNCH, the beloved novel by one of the greatest crime writers of all-time—a writer that Tarantino himself idolized—into his film, JACKIE BROWN. However during the making of the film, the Academy Award-winning director and screenwriter made several choices that would alter Elmore Leonard’s initial vision forever.

For this, our final critical reading response, I would like for you to examine the elements of blaxploitation that Tarantino uses in his adaptation of a novel where these elements did not previously exist. To do so however, you must first read, “What is Blaxploitation—An American Film Movement Explained,” by Sam Kench. You must provide at least three (3) examples, quoted or paraphrased from the text compared to specific scenes or aspects of the film. Your response MUST comment on aspects of the performances or characters in the film, specific scenes, the soundtrack, costumes and/or themes, as it relates to ‘blaxploitation’ as discussed in class and in Kench’s article. You must also incorporate at least one (1) additional outside source into your evaluation.

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