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Sage 50 software has helped experts and companies in many ways. It’s a high-end accounting program with a precise and speedy approach that keeps clients’ files hidden from prying eyes. Sometimes, the Sage 50 software detects an error which is called “Sage 50 Error Connecting to Database.” This can be caused by corrupted data. In order to fix this issue, you’ll need to restart your connection manager. To read more about this Sage 50 error, please click here.

Reasons for the “Sage 50 Error Connecting to Database”:
· When you connect Sage 50 to a document it will be read-only.

· You are trying to connect to a file or folder that does not exist.

· The connection manager had been blocked by the firewall.

· Windows Event Log Service has been disabled.

· This article is about the Microsoft .NET Framework. There is an issue with it.

· The Connection Manager cannot be installed on the server or has not started.

· The server has shared resource which doesn’t have the correct permissions.

· North Carolina has been sending out the UNC address.

· The Anti-Virus identified the Connection Manager as a security risk and instructed the computer to quarantine it.

Resolving the error connecting to Database
This error can usually be solved with a few simple steps, first if the database files are saved in your computer then test with sample company, before you try to open it or not.

You can restart the Sage 50 Connection manager again for this you will need to:-
· Go to Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services

· Option named “Sage 50 Database Connection Manager”

· Right click on it and select STOP and then again right click and select START

· Now try to open the company file, it will open.

· f you are unable to stop the services and the error message says that the connection manager could not be stopped then you do not have the administrator rights on the computer.

Check if the SAJ folder is at read-only mode
· You need to browse to the file path, open the folder with the extension named SAJ, and then close it.

· Make sure that the Properties option is selected and see if the Read-Only mode is turned on.

· If yes, then Select it and click the button for Yes.

· Start the Sage 50 tool and open up the company file.

View the files and folders that can be opened in the .SAJ folder
· Open the folder where all the SAJ files have been stored.

· Right-click the folder to select it.

· Apply the settings and select OK.

· Now open the folder again and check if all the files and folders that you need are available or not.

You can return all the settings to the original state.
· Tap on Uninstall Sage 50 Option

· Tap on the Reinstall Sage 50 option

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