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Within a correctional facility officers write reports about various incidents and inmates may be punished internally through hearings and can be criminally charged depending on the offense that was committed. It is very important as a correctional officer to, once again, record the facts of the incident. You have a large responsibility to articulate what took place because you are dealing with an individual’s rights and freedom. When an inmate enters a facility they are given a handbook of rules of conduct that need to be followed during their stay. Violation of such rules can result in discipline and YOU, the officer, completing the report have a very important role in that proceeding.
Critical Incidents are viewed as more serious incidents such as: stabbings, homicides, sexual assaults…. Incidents as these require interviews and very detailed reports by officers. At times policies by officers may have been violated, possibly security measures were not followed, and corrective action may be necessary to prevent the incident from occurring again.

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