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Write a 4-5 page analysis about a racial/ethnic social movement that you are
LEAST familiar with (it may be of any size- state, national or global) utilizing at
least 5-7 sources which may include: books, article(s) (NOT
WIKIPEDIA), video(s), websites/blogs and/or documentaries. You
must BOLD and include at least 5 course concepts throughout your paper.

Research a social movement addressing racial/ethnic inequality that you are
NOT familiar with (e.g., American Indian Movement (AIM), Black Lives Matter,
Asian-American Movement, Chicano Movement, aka El Movimiento…). Th e
movement may be from anywhere in the world. Your paper should follow the
below outline clearly addressing each section:

Macro Level Perspective
• Discuss the history of the movement comparing past and present
aspects of the movement (if it is a new movement discuss any prior
movements that may have influenced it).
• Outline what the movement’s goals/aims are/were and why they are/were
significant to the movement.
• Also discuss any proposed, failed and/or successful solutions for
achieving the goals/aims of the movement

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