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Research your state’s laws related to mandated reporting for issues related to suicide, homicide, and vulnerable adults and children. (some states do not uphold the Tarasoff case and do not require mandated reporting in instances of homicidal risk). State Minnesota


Create a reference document that includes the following information (please use the numbers to divide the information):

  1. Who is a mandated reporter in your state? Does this differ by issue (homicide, suicide, child or elder abuse). Specifically identify if you are a mandated reporter now and what role puts you in this position?
  2. Does your state uphold the Tarasoff guidelines on duty to warn? How is it the same or different?
  3. Identify how to make a report. Include the contact info (phone/website)
  4. Make a list of all of the numbers and websites you find that might be helpful in your clinical practice.

Make sure you include your references and give credit to the sources of the information. You should be doing research for this assignment rather than reporting information you know by memory.

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