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identity statuses proposed by Erik Erikson and others. For each
case, suggest the most appropriate identity status – identity achievement, role confusion/diffusion,
foreclosure, and moratorium; then describe your reasoning. You will not submit this activity.
Use it to complete Discussion: Identity Formation.

  1. Rudy. Rudy has changed his college major so many times that it will take him six years to
    graduate. Since his parents have pointedly objected to paying the expenses for tuition and
    room and board, Rudy has cheerfully taken on a variety of jobs, ranging from bartender to
    show salesman. He likes work that allows him time to think and be alone; his few friends are
    very much the same way. Rudy’s grades are generally high, though his record is marred by
    several “incompletes.” He has had one very satisfying intimate relationship and is searching
    rather anxiously for another. Rudy’s identity status would probably be described as
  2. Melissa. Melissa’s parents are both physicians. In college she majored in French, spending a
    semester in France studying art and culture. Upon graduation she surprised her parents by
    announcing that she had applied to medical school. A close relationship with a hospice nurse
    and a summer job as a hospital volunteer had helped her arrive at the decision. Melissa’s
    identity status would probably be described as _________.
  3. Lynn. Lynn’s mother is a professor of women’s studies who is deeply involved in feminist
    issues. Lynn very much admires her mother, a strong woman who, as a single parent,
    struggled to provide for her daughter while establishing her own career. Lynn believes that
    she, too, will be a strong and independent woman. She avoids people (especially men) who
    either don’t see her in that light or try to bring out her feminine nature. She certainly steers
    clear of her paternal grandmother, who (although pleasant) is a very disorganized and “artsy”
    person. Lynn’s college grades are very high, and her course selections reflect an unwavering
    interest in psychology, politics, and women’s studies. Lynn’s identity status would probably
    be described as __________________________.
  4. Daniel. Daniel is a freshman at a college near his old high school. He comes home nearly
    every weekend but does not enjoy himself once he’s there. He avoids talking to his parents or
    old high school friends, preferring to “surf the Web” on the computer in his room.
    Periodically he engages in impulsive shopping; after these sprees he comes home and talks
    excitedly about the latest electronic gadget he’s acquired. He gets angry if his parents ask
    what he considers to be foolish questions, and angrier still if they patronize him. Daniel is
    enrolled in courses he has been told are easy, and he does not have strong feelings about his
    studies or his grades. Daniel’s identity status would probably be described as
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