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Structural analysis is one of the most powerful tools we can use when helping our students develop a richer, more extensive vocabulary.

From the list below, please choose one word. Break down the word into its smallest part and create a semantic map to better understand how all of the word parts help you understand the word as well as how they will help you understand other words with the same parts. You will complete the Structural Analysis Graphic Organizer, as seen in the example below.

Since the majority of our language derives from Greek and Latin roots, you may find different meanings and spellings for the same root. You will need to work with the root that makes the most sense.

Step 1: Define the word

Step 2: Break the word into parts and define each part

Step 3: Find additional words that have the same part (2 or 3)

Step 4: Break the new words into parts and define each part


Part 2: Context Clues

You will now use your word and create 5 sentences that each provide one of the main types of Context Clues.

Definition: When we go to the aquarium we will be able to study amazing creatures like Blue Crabs and Sea Stars up close.
Synonym: Going snorkeling to see the animals in the ocean reminds me of our trips to the aquarium.
Antonym: We won’t see any fish on our field trip to the Parrot Island like we did las week when we went to the Miami Aquarium

Example: Sea World is one of the biggest aquariums I know with a huge collection for sea animals and plants.
Inference: My sister said she got the chance to pet a baby shark on their field trip to the aquarium.

Part 3: Synopsis

Explain 3 ideas you found to be most interesting about Vocabulary instruction from the readings this week. Please reflect on the 35-Million Word Gap for children in poverty, your experience from the position of a child learning to read, and how that differs from how you see your role as a teacher. Please make sure to use the information from the resources provided this week and to cite your resources in your response (appx 250 words)

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