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Your task is to explain the process of the juvenile justice system and possible dispositional outcomes and to address the adult court waiver process.

Earlier in the week, you reviewed the key procedures in the juvenile justice system.

Click here to learn about the structure and process of the juvenile justice system. The site gives a detailed view of the differentiation among the conferences, adjudication hearings, dispositional hearings, and dispositions.

Now, consider the following scenario:

Tom Jones is a sixteen-year-old repeat juvenile offender who has just been detained by the police for attempted murder.

Use the South University Online Library or the Internet for further research and create an overview in a Microsoft Word document based on the aforementioned scenario.

In your overview, address the following aspects of the juvenile justice system:

Explain the juvenile court process for Tom Jones from the processing of the cases to the dispositions.
Provide a detailed dispositional recommendation for Jones.
Explain why there is a possibility that Jones could be waived to the adult court system.
Justify in detail whether Jones should or should not be waived to the adult court system for his current offense.

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