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Succession planning is an individual intervention that can be used to assist organizations in systematically preparing current employees to fill key organizational roles. Many researchers have noted that when more Baby Boomers retire, there will likely be a gap in workforce knowledge, thereby impacting current generations. The importance of succession planning cannot be overemphasized.

For this Critical Thinking Assignment, you are required to create a presentation, with individual slide notes, about succession planning. This presentation should address your career advancement within your current organization. If you are not working in an organization, currently, or do not plan to stay with your organization for the long-term, please choose Option #1.

For this Critical Thinking Assignment, please include the following information in your presentation:

Information about your current organization (mission, vision, values, industry, history, etc.).
Details about your current role (responsibilities, duties, tenure in role, etc.).
Details about the role that you’d like to advance to (assuming that leadership supports your transition/advancement). Details should include information about the title of the position, the responsibilities and duties, etc.).
A detailed proposal of the knowledge/competencies you need to acquire to make you a viable candidate for this role.
Outline 2-3 competencies that you need to develop.
For each competency, provide a list of SMART goals that will assist you in attaining the necessary competency.

Develop a 7 to 8 slide presentation, not including the title and reference pages, which are required. Use the Visual Presentations ( https://csuglobal.libguides.com/writingcenter/apa7_writing_templates/visuals ) tips at the CSU Global Writing Center.

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