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You are trying to decide where to take the group on your celebratory vacation and make
travel arrangements. To help make this decision you will be sending a quick survey to
the 10 people you want to bring on the trip:
Here are the 5 steps in this assignment:
• Sign up for a free SurveyMonkey account. Please refer to this YouTube tutorial
on how to create a SurveyMonkey survey. 20% of grade
• Design a survey based on the following question and choice of responses: 20%
of grade
o Question- Yay, I’m inviting you to help me celebrate my graduation from
Post University, where would you like to go?
o Responsesa) Hawaii
b) Europe
c) DisneyWorld
d) New York City
e) Other (open-ended question)
• Send the survey to at least 10 people. This can be to your friends, family, and
classmates. 20% of grade
• Submit a screenshot of the sent/completed SurveyMonkey survey 20% of grade
• Create a list of the percentages for each response that you get from the
completed survey. Of course, it must total 100% and it should look something like
this: 20% of grade
a) Hawaii 5%
© 2021 Post University, Waterbury, CT
b) Europe 10%
c) DisneyWorld 65%
d) New York City 15%
e) Other 5%

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