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This research Report is to assess your understanding on qualitative research methods. You are required:
(1) To conduct a small scale of qualitative research on exploring the cutting-edge feasible approaches of realising sustainability in business context (80% weight of this Report Assignment).

Report structure and writing requirements, with the guidance on word count allocation

  1. Literature review and proposition development (20 marks)

In this section, you are required to write a literature review on 6-8 journal papers on exploring the cutting-edge feasible approaches of realising sustainability in business context. Explain how the above literature help you to develop your research question that you would like to investigate using qualitative data. State your research questions, propositions or predicted patterns clearly. (Approximately 500 words)

  1. Qualitative Research Method and Research Design (30 marks)

This section will include (1) definition of your research question and broad models or mind maps for investigation, (2) data you will observe, such as business annual reports, business recruitment advertisement, interview (video/audio), social media data (e.g. Twitter posts), survey results, and how you collect the data, and (3) other important considerations in the research design of this investigation. You are required to explain why you collected the data in that way and justify your methods in detail. You might include some in-text references to research methods literature to help explain your choice of method. (Approximately 500 words) Sample size required: at least 20 effective files.

  1. Results (15 marks)
    In this section, you will report the observed pattern using charts, tables and/or word clouds. Interpret the pattern you find. State to which extend that your findings answer your research questions, or whether the findings support or reject your propositions or predicted patterns. (Approximately 200 words)
  2. Discussion of Results (15 marks)

In the discussion you should comment on your results (Approximately 300 words), including:
• Describe and suggest possible reasons for the above results.
• Explain what the pattern implies in the context of your research topic. To which extent your findings agree or disagree with the literature? Write your answers to this question as the analysis of your results.
• Consider the accuracy and reliability of your results and especially address the limitations of your research (e.g., small sample size, limited access to data, etc.)

  1. Appendix

In this section, you are required to copy and paste the raw data and data analysis outcomes as you produced in SPSS, Excel and NVivo (all or the ones relevant) to evidence the data analyses and results as you reported above. There is no formatting requirement for this section, as long as the data is clear to read. Marking on this section will be reflected in the above relevant sections. Please note that insufficient data and analysis reported in this section will result in low marks on the above relevant sections, as the research originality would be questionable.

Word Count Requirement for the Written Report: 1,500 words ± 10%, excluding the word count of references and appendices.

This Resit Report assignment will assess the following Learning Outcomes

• Demonstrate self-direction and originality in planning and designing an ethical research project in accounting or finance.
• Systematically recognise and apply an appropriate research methodology and methods to collect, analyse, and interpret data based on theory and research questions.
• Comprehensively identify, critique, synthesise and apply knowledge of the different kinds of inquiries employing quantitative and qualitative methods to an accounting or finance problem or issue.
• Demonstrate creative communication skills in gathering, interpreting, and reporting on quantitative or qualitative data.

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