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After reading the assigned text, compose a 400-500 word reflection and submit it to the Canvas discussion board.
Content and Grading
In your reflections, address the following 3 questions.

  1. What are the author’s main messages/arguments? What is the main takeaway of this case study? What is the essential background information that we need to understand it? (2.5 points)
  2. How does the case study relate to concepts from the course (including lectures, readings and videos)? Connect themes in the case study to at least 2 concepts from the course. Put these concepts in bold so that we can easily find them when grading, and be sure to explain or elaborate on HOW the case study illustrates, complicates or is connected to that topic. (4 points)
  3. Share your personal reaction or stance on the issues developed in the case study. Has it changed your opinion on the topic? Does it relate to your own personal experiences? Does it connect to things you have studied in other courses, or articles you’ve been reading in the news lately? (2.5 points)
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