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demonstrate a critical understanding of the main theoretical principles underlying the management and practice of health-related social marketing within a health improvement context.

The proposal should include discussion of:

 What is social marketing for health and why is it considered a useful approach to health-related behaviour change

 The key concepts and principles underpinning social marketing for health and the application to a chosen intervention.

 Appropriate methodologies and planning processes/tools for developing health improvement related social marketing interventions.

 An outline plan for a proposed social marketing intervention.

 The strengths and limitations of using social marketing as an approach within
health improvement.

 The management issues associated with the use of social marketing for
It is expected that discussion of these points will include:

 Critical analysis of the application and management of social marketing techniques and principles in a health improvement context .

 Critical analysis of the systematic process of developing, planning and managing health-related social marketing interventions.

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