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In class, we reviewed Systems Theory and the Life Model to help us understand how the individual impacts their environment, and how the environment impacts the individual, communities, and organizations. You will use the literature provided and other pertinent literature to respond to the following:Using the Esperanza case and citing the literature providing and using the APA 7th Edition writing style, you will respond:

How might systems theory or the life model serve as a tool to help social workers create strategies to build trust with a client who explicitly shares their legitimate disappointment with how institutions have responded to their prior needs? What skills would you use to prioritize your engagement with the client?
Social workers might work under policies and political climates that perpetuate injustice. What conflict might this raise for you? How will you support yourself should this occur?
Using your understanding of ACE, what might be some of the preventive measures you would work on with Esperanza to decrease her depression and anxiety?
What would be some strategies you would use to work with the school and Children’s Services to advocate for Esperanza and her infant? How would your strategies gain her trust?

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