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Windshield Survey

    Windshield Survey Assignment (Washington Township ,New Jersey) 1. BOUNDARY OF THE COMMUNITY -Where is the community located? -What signs are there of where this neighborhood begins and ends -Where are the boundaries: natural (rivers); physical (highways;...

Concept Map: Brand New Serology Lab

Research what a concept map is and create one for this project. You have been given the monumental task of creating a brand new serology lab for your state. Where do you begin?!? One good way to demonstrate the relationships between things and the layers of...

D&W+ Track Your Diet,

    No. 1 Instructions: Record your daily food intake and beverage intake using the Diet & Wellness Plus app. Use the Assignment on Reuben Ward as an example. You need to write down everything you eat and drink and their AMOUNTS for 24 hours. For...
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