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The acts of philosophizing and “thinking again” are best accomplished
through discussion, conversation, and sometimes even debate. This is
how ideas become fleshed out and conversations move forward. As
such, students are expected to produce a robust, original discussion
post each week based on their engagement with course materials. The
primary qualifier for all discussions is that they must have their
foundation in either our philosophical or textbook readings for the week
and connect directly to one or more key excerpts, ideas, passages, or
The prompt for each week’s original post discussion revolves around the
following question(s):
Required Readings & Resources
Grant, A. (2021). Think again.
● Prologue
● Chapter 1: “A Preacher, a Prosecutor, a Politician, and a Scientist
Walk into Your Mind”
● Chapter 2: “The Armchair Quarterback and the Impostor: Finding
the Sweet Spot of Confidence”
What would you say is the most significant concept or compelling idea
presented in this week’s course material? Why do you hold that position?

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