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In the article, “ A review paper on big data and data Mining: Concept and Techniques ,” the authors discuss large data, techniques for accessing it, and the processes of data mining. The authors introduce significant challenges to data mining larger amounts of data.

This paper is to be a minimum of three pages and requires a minimum of three additional references in support of your observations. In your paper, from the perspective of an audience in the arena of data mining big data, discuss one of the issues by providing your observations as they pertain to data mining for that particular audience. (e.g.: From the perspective of the Chief Information Officer, demonstrate the information considerations of the chosen issue) The paper should provide sufficient information for the reader to make an informed decision on the topic.

Essential Activities:

  1. Completing the weekly readings will assist you in writing your paper.
  2. Watching the weekly videos will assist you in writing your paper.
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