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According to Plaza et al., (2021), the classification of asthma can be categorized according to the manifestation of the illness, the medication needs, the effect of the illness on the functions of the lungs, and the symptoms interference with the activities of the patients as classified below;

Intermittent Stage. The first stage with no major symptoms can easily be managed with the rare use of the rescue inhaler. There is more than 80% FEV1/FVC which institutes a normal functioning of the lungs and two days or less indication of symptoms in a week.

Mild persistent.
The illness at this stage is still controllable with the normal activities of the patients reported. The patient can experience minimal nighttime symptoms with rare 3 times in a month having normal functions of the lung during breathing out and breathing in.

Moderate persistent.
This is where more patient care is required with the interference with the functions of the lungs showing the hindrance to the school or work activities. There will be rampant nighttime symptoms more than twice a week but not daily. The patient will be needed to have a rescue inhaler with them for any emergency.

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