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Create a conceptual data model for the Branch user views of DreamHome documented in Appendix A.

Compare your ER diagram with Figure 13.8 of the textbok and justify any differences found. Analyze the DreamHome case study and examine if there are situations that call for enhanced modeling. Present the enhanced data model of the case.

Exercise 2

Answer the following questions with reference to how the ER model in Figure 17.13 maps of the book to relational tables.

(a) How many relations will represent the ER model?

(b) How many foreign keys are mapped to the relation representing X?

(c) Which relation(s) will have no foreign key?

(d) Using only the letter identifier for each entity, provide appropriate names for the relations mapped from the ER model.

(e) If the cardinality for each relationship is changed to one-to-one with total participation for all entities, how many relations would be derived from this version of the ER model?

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