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As Kirschner and Hendrick explain on page 191, the effectiveness of formative
assessment depends on students’ receptiveness to that feedback. They write:
“A key point here is that it’s not just enough to provide feedback – students need to want
the feedback.”
Describe some steps that you can take in an online course to foster student openness
to formative assessment and a desire to improve their performance.
As this week’s LaPointe-McEwan et al. (2021) reading observes, the formative
assessment (assessment for learning) practices that teachers normally use in
face-to-face classrooms do not always translate easily to online and blended learning
contexts. It can be more difficult for teachers to engage in “assessment for learning”
when they are physically separated from their students.
For this week’s discussion, choose one of the techniques of formative assessment
presented in our readings, and discuss how (or whether) that technique could be
effectively implemented in online courses. Discuss the instructional considerations
and implications

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