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For your this journal outline article, you are to deconstruct the article, The Enduring Association between Education and Mortality: The Role of Widening and Narrowing Disparities
IMPORTANT: At the end of your JOA, include the proper American Sociological Association reference page formatting. Also, if using quotes or citing specific data from the article, use the proper ASA in-text citations. Both can be found here: https://owl.purdue.edu/owl/research_and_citation/asa_style/in_text_citation_references.html
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You are only allowed to use quotes as data to support your own words. These areas are represented in the outline format as lowercase letters and lowercase roman numerals.


I. Section Headings

A. Themes

1. Data that supports the themes

2. More data

a) Possible supporting evidence

3. Possibly more data


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