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The Florida Dental Association (FDA) is a typical statewide professional membership association representing Florida-licensed dentists. The FDA serves as an advocate on legislative issues related to the dental issues, in accordance with the American Dental Association; as well as continuing education and license renewals. The association hosts an annual convention filled with seminars, education sessions, and buying opportunities.

Let’s take a look at this annual trade show.
Next go Florida Dental Convention (Links to an external site.) webpage and answer the following questions:
What is the cycle and pattern of this association convention
Name the host hotel and rate to stay at this property during the convention
Why do you think they choose this destination to have their convention?
When do they hold their convention (time of year)
What is the length or convention duration?
What type of meeting is this – national, state, regional?
Who are the type of people that attend this show?
What is the anticipated attendance?
What type of activities/meetings does the convention include?
How far out do they book their conventions (or what is the lead time)? List their upcoming shows.

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