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Your paper will be graded on a 50-point scale and must include the following sections indicated using
section headers:
o (1) An intro (10 points) of your question/topic and brief background information that sets up the
premise of your paper. The intro should clearly state your topic and why it is an important/relevant
topic to understand.
o (2) An organized discussion (25 points) of your topic during which you explore and discuss
various aspects of your topic using at least 5 sources of any type to support your discussion.
Biography can be written in any format, but all sources must be cited.
o (3) A summary conclusion (10 points) that first summarizes main points discussed in your paper
and then concludes with your opinion, what you learned, key applicable take-aways, etc.
o General format, readability, structure, grammar/spelling: (5 points) These are “formal” writing
assignments that should be written in a clear, structured, and organized manner.

The following links are some recommended sources, although you are free to search and use sources you find yourself.

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