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  1. Describe the mental health disorder (e.g., anxiety, depression, feeding/eating) you chose.
  2. What resources are actually available to help someone who thinks they might be suffering from this? Choose two levels of resources to examine:

On campus
In the community/city/region
At the state level
At the national level

  1. To whom are resources available? How can they be accessed?

e.g., Are resources only available to those with insurance? Are resources only available to certain populations such as students, single mothers, older adults? Are resources only available if you follow certain steps?

  1. Is there a gap between what is recommended regarding treatment and what people actually have access to? (e.g., are there barriers to treatment?)

If yes, what are the consequences of this gap and how can we address it?
If no, what are the consequences of having the needs of this population adequately addressed?

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