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share your ideas and opinions in answering the questions. There is no wrong answer to your opinions, but I would like for you to explain your thoughts clearly, including quotes and paraphrases (properly cited) from the text(s) to support your points.

Okay, our first story is “The Necklace.” Here are several questions/prompts to get us started. You do not have to respond to all questions I give here. I offer several questions to give you a choice in what you would like to discuss:

It is pretty obvious that Mathilde Losel in “The Necklace” is unhappy. What do you see as the source of her unhappiness? I am sure there will be multiple answers here this week. Going through those answers in our discussion here will help us to determine what we are to get out of this story.
Do you see any flaws in Mathilde’s personality? If so, what flaws do you see? Try to give specific examples of the texts to show those flaws. How is her husband’s personality different from hers, and which personality do you prefer, hers or her husband’s.
Are there just any general comments or questions you would like to share about this story?
Primary posts (your initial response) should be at least one paragraph of 5-7 sentences. Maybe you agree, maybe you disagree. Either way, civility, courtesy, and a constructive tone are expected at all times.

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