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The non profit organization is lincoln park coast cultural district
This presentation should be focused on a recommendation or project that you
believe will be of benefit to the host agency and/or designed to meet the needs of
the agency and which is based not only on your experience but on sources derived
from your readings and study. This presentation should reflect what you think
the organization will be like in 5 years if your suggestions and recommendations
are met. Examples could include: policy changes; performance measures;
productivity issues; cross sector collaborations (e.g. business, government,
nonprofit); building new clients; capacity building knowledge; proactive
disclosure of information (for government agency internships); creation of a
Hamidullah-Spring 2022 3 PADP 40:834:430
manual; database improvements, balancing challenges between mission and
marketing; creating didactic materials for future use by the organization;
translations, etc.

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