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The philosophical, theoretical and methodological assumptions of the method/methodology

Description: The purpose of this assignment is to gain skill in applying the knowledge gained in class. Each student will critique the Norton et al. article. This assignment is worth 100 points (30 % of the course grade). Please address the following elements in your paper:

The philosophical, theoretical and methodological assumptions of the method/methodology – 15 points

The methodological strengths, weaknesses, and design trade-offs – 15 points

Issues of rigor and threats to inductive thinking – 15 points

Appropriate criteria to critique the qualitative validity of the findings and interpretation and your rationale for selecting this set of criteria – 15 points

Identify explicit and implicit ethical considerations – 15 points

Overall evaluation: What substantive contribution(s) if any does this article make to nursing science and what recommendations for improvement you would give to the authors – 20 points

The paper should be developed as an integrated narrative rather than a series of discrete questions. Provide specific examples from the Norton article to support your evaluation and use appropriate references from the course materials. You will turn in a 4-5 page paper for this assignment . Please use APA format for all reference citations, the cover page, and margins. Refer to APA publication manual (6th ed.) f you have questions.

our school book is Creswell, J. (2013).  Qualitative inquiry and research design: choosing among five approaches (3

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