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For this Essay, search for appropriate grants or funding sources for the real-world organization you have selected to use in all of your assignments (HELP USA) ( see attached). The grants should be ones your organization would be qualified to receive and that are a good fit for the characteristics of your organization.

In your essay complete the following:

Describe the search strategy you used to locate appropriate grants. In your description:
Explain your overall strategy.
Provide your reasons for selecting the search strategy you used.
Indicate the number of potential grants you reviewed.
Describe the criteria you used to select appropriate grants for your organization.
List any databases you searched and provide a brief description of each.
List five grants you feel your organization would be qualified to receive.
Provide a brief description of each grant and include the URL of any related Web site.
Rank the grants by the probability that your organization could receive the grant.
Indicate the grant you would like to apply for. You will use this grant to complete the remaining course assignments.

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