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Use the scientific literature, your own geologic knowledge, and your observations of the lunar samples
to help you answer these questions. You will incorporate some of these answers into your report.

  1. Summarize the current prevailing theory of lunar formation.
  2. How does the mineralogy of the Mare basalts compare to terrestrial mid-ocean ridge basalts
    (MORB)? What about the anorthosites?
  3. What do the breccia, shocked norite, and cataclastic anorthosite indicate about Moon’s history?
  4. Compare and Contrast Moon and Earth. How do the ages of Moon rocks compare to those on Earth? How do the physical, chemical, and biological differences between Moon and Earth influence rock composition, structure, and age? How do the processes of sediment production, transport, and deposition differ between the Earth and Moon?
  5. Does the current theory of lunar formation coincide with your observations of the composition, structure, and age of Moon and Earth rocks in lab? Explain how it does/ does not and offer possible explanations.
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